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Dr. Eleanor Acworth, DVM        

2264 Rt 32 Modena NY 12548

2264 Rt 32 Modena NY 12548

Clinic appointments as well as available for House & Farm calls

Our Mission
To prevent, relieve, or end suffering in all the animals we can, while showing respect, compassion, and cooperation with both the animals and their caregivers.

(845) 255-2900
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“My love of animals started when I was young and has grown all my life. Becoming a veterinarian has been a blessing which I’ve been enjoying for over 25 years.

A sincere “Thank You” to my faithful animal caregivers who have entrusted their animals to my care in the past. And a warm welcome to all of our clients new to All Animal Veterinary Services.”

-Dr. Eleanor Acworth, DVM


Dogs, Cats, Poultry, Ferrets, Horses, Dairy, Beef, and Pet Cows, Sheep, Goats, Farm Pigs, Pot-Bellied and Teacup Pigs. Pocket Pets such as Rabbits, Guinea Pigs etc. I work with commercial farms, hobby farms,petting zoos, breeders, kennels, as well as rescues and those that have big furry "families”.

At All Animal Veterinary Services, we treat our clients and patients with the respect and compassion they deserve. 


  • "I love this place! Dr. Acworth is extremely knowledgeable."
    J ONeill
  • "The staff at All Animal Veterinary Services are professional and caring. I've switched from another local veterinary hospital/clinic because of a friend's recommendation and my pets could not be happier!"
    Toni K.
  • "Treats each pet as valuable as the next with professionalism and great respect and skill"
    Lynnholly W.
  • "Dr Acworth and her staff are caring, compassionate and knowledgeable. We love that All animal veterinary services can help us keep all our pets healthy and comfortable."
    Robin K.
  • "Dr. Acworth has been my veterinarian for the past 20 years. She always takes the best care of my feline and canine family members and has responded at the most inconvenient hours for emergencies, sick animals and stressed out owner calls. My cats and dog think she is just the best person and I would not even consider using anyone else."
    - Maureen O'Brien-Aderholdt / Hudson, New York

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