Exotic Animals

3 Reasons Your Exotic Pets Need a Specialty Veterinarian

Exotic animals are becoming more popular pets than ever before, thanks to increased availability and interest in different species. When you have an exotic pet, though, you should also have a veterinarian skilled in caring for a wide range of species. Some of these animals have unusual or unique needs that require special equipment, training, and care. Learning more about the benefits of working with a veterinarian who has experience caring for exotic animals ensures your pets get the best possible care. If you live in and around Modena, NY, All Animal Veterinary Services is here to help. 


3 Reasons Your Exotic Animals Need a Specialty Vet

Different animals have different needs: Dogs and cats can be cared for by any vet, but more exotic animals need someone trained in specialty care. Exotic pets include any animal that is not a dog or cat. Our Modena veterinarian that has experience treating non-traditional pets and is prepared to care for your exotic animal as well. 

Exotic animals may require specialty equipment: In some cases, your pet may require special care, and smaller, more precise medical instruments. A vet that is not skilled in small animal or exotic animal care may not have the tools needed to care for your pet. From tools for routine examinations to smaller surgical instruments and appropriate caging and bedding, our exotic animal veterinarian will have what your pet needs to stay healthy. 

Staff training is essential: Most veterinary techs and staffers are well trained and love animals, but not all are trained to properly handle exotic pets. When you choose an exotic animal vet, the staff will be accustomed to caring for unusual pets. They'll know how to help your pet, how to properly handle him and the type of care he likely needs. A team seeing an exotic pet for the first time may not be comfortable or prepared to do so correctly. Working with an experienced veterinarian means you get an experienced support team too. 

Get Help Caring for Your Exotic Animals

Make sure your pets get the best possible care. Contact us to talk about your specific pet and needs and to schedule a time to come in. Like typical domestic animals, exotic animals thrive best when they have preventative and well care. Depending on the type of pet you have, your exotic animal could need vaccinations, nail trimming, or additional care. We can help attend to any needs and ensure your pet stays well. Dr. Eleanor Acworth and our team at All Animal Veterinary Services welcome exotic animals and have the experience needed to properly care for your pet and to ensure you both are in excellent hands. If you live in Modena, NY, or around New Paltz and Newburgh, get in touch today by calling us at 845-255-2900 to schedule a visit or talk about any concerns you may have.